100 Watercolour Afro-Ladies

100 Watercolour Afro-Ladies

Are you doing the 100 Day project this year? It started on January 31st, but you can totally still start this if you like.

I am making daily watercolour afro-ladies. One week in I am feeling pretty good about it! It’s a bit of a challenge, which is great. I am learning about both watercolour and painting faces, both of which have been goals of mine for a while.

Here are my ladies so far.

My process is to choose something in my house to inspire a colour scheme. Then I do a palette of the colours, then I paint the lady. I am trying different watercolour techniques, and learning more about portraits as I go.

It’s all happening on my artsy Instagram, so follow me there if you want to see my progress!

Are you doing the project? Link me to yours!

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