A Quick Washi Tape Tip

Do you like working with washi tape? I love it, and have totally jumped on that band wagon. Along the way I have come up with a few techniques for using it on projects, and today I want to share a very quick and simple one.

Remember this layout from a few weeks back?

Sister Sketch July 2012 Sandcastle Initiation
Do you notice how the washi tape is cut in a straight line along the top? Usually I love the torn effect of the tape – one of the things that makes it so easy to use is that you can just tear bits off the roll. But on this page I really wanted a clean cut edge for my title. Now I’ll show you how I did that!

Washi Tape Tip - Callaloo Soup Blog copy

All you will need to complete this technique is a metal ruler and a craft knife.

Washi Tape Tutorial - Callaloo Soup Blog
Step 1. Apply the washi tape to your projects by tearing strips off the roll.

Step 2. Place a metal ruler along the side that you want to be straight. I like to line the top of the ruler up with the top edge of the background. This ensures that you get a pretty straight line.

Now hold the ruler down with one hand and lightly draw the craft knife through the tape, using the ruler edge as a guide. The tape is very thin, so you only need to use a light hand, and you will cut through the tape without cutting through the background support.

Washi Tape Tip - Callaloo Soup Blog-4 copy

If you look closely in the photo above you can see the line I cut through the tape. Now very carefully pull the extra pieces off.

Washi Tape Tip - Callaloo Soup Blog-5 copy
And there you have it!

Washi Tape Tip - Callaloo Soup Blog-6 copy
You can repeat to have a nice straight edge on the other side, but I like the torn bits too, so will keep mine as is, and use this background for a scrapbook page soon!

What do you think? Is this something you can use? Next week I’ll share another washi tape tutorial which incorporates this technique.


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