Tuesday to-Do | Colourful & Playful Toadstools from Corks

Make Toadstools from old wine corks

This idea came to me one day as I was staring at the pile of corks I collected. They were intended for another project, but I had changed my mind about it finally, and I was mulling over what to do with them when it struck me: they looked like toadstools! Sorta. I thought that Kieran would get a kick out of having some for his small world play, so I got to work.

Here’s what you’ll need to make them.

Tutorial - Playful Toadstools at Callaloo Soup - Supplies

1. Corks from beer and champagne bottles – these look most like toadstools

2. Gummed Paper Tape

3. Craft paint in red and white

4. Paintbrush

5. A pencil with eraser

6. Water

Tutorial - Playful Toadstools at Callaloo Soup - Step 1

Tear small pieces of the gummed paper tape, and wet to make sticky. Apply the pieces to cover the top of the cork as shown

Tutorial - Playful Toadstools at Callaloo Soup - Step 2

Once the tape is completely dry, paint the top red

Tutorial - Playful Toadstools at Callaloo Soup - Step 3

Once the red paint is dry, use the pencil eraser to make white dots. Simply dip into the white paint and dot onto the top of the cork.

Tutorial - Playful Toadstools at Callaloo Soup - Step 4

Finally, once you’re sure that the white paint is dry, use some more gummed tape to cover the base.

Playful Toadstools at Callaloo Soup-3

Now you can set them up to surprise an unsuspecting four year old

Playful Toadstools at Callaloo Soup-4

Playful Toadstools at Callaloo Soup-5

Some alternatives:

You can do these in a rainbow of colours! I still have a stack of corks left, so I’ll be adding to the collection.

If you don’t have Gummed Paper Tape you could simply decoupage kraft paper to the corks using a craft glue like ModPodge.

Now go forth and create some woodland whimsy!



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