I’ve Been in an Organising Mood

I’ve Been in an Organising Mood

Once summer was over and school started again, I knew it was time to get serious about organising the house. It had been 10 months since we moved, and when we hit that one year mark, I want to feel like I have things somewhat under control. Especially since Christmas will be hard on the heels of that anniversary!

I started in my office/studio. I’ve known for years now that I need my supplies out and accessible if I am to make good use of them. I achieved that with my scrapbooking supplies, but my other crafts were being stuffed in the closet, and hence neglected.

I tackled my yarn first. As you may have noticed, I am now very much into crochet, and I needed it to be simpler to find my supplies when I decided to whip out a project.

Getting Organised at Callaloo Soup-4 copy

I appropriated this little cubby shelf that used to be in Kieran’s room when he was a baby. We didn’t need it in his room in this house and so it became mine! I organised my yarn stash by colour, and keep my hooks and needles at the top. I am using my t-shirt yarn baskets for keeping scraps, along with that blue wire basket. Now I can tell at a glance what I have, and quickly start a new project.

Next I tackled my sewing supplies. I have been trying for months to figure out how to have my sewing machine all set up, and it finally occurred to me to move that table from the middle of my room, where it just got in my way, and place it under that shelf.

Getting Organised at Callaloo Soup-5 copy

Ta da! One sewing nook, complete with patterns, tools, and notions.

Now moving on to the main house:

Getting Organised at Callaloo Soup-6 copy

My mother-in-law gifted us with this buffet. It has made a huge difference in organising the kitchen and dining room, as we were able to move things out of the kitchen, that were taking up premium storage space. I am still working on the kitchen, so no photos of it yet, but I can share a peek at my spice reorganisation!

Getting Organised at Callaloo Soup-7 copy

The majority of our spices were in boxes and bags and stuffed into a basket. It was a major nightmare finding what I needed when cooking, so I finally got a bunch of empty jars (we keep all the jars that foodstuff came in), a circle punch and chalkboard sticker sheet and got to work. Above you can see some of the loose spices that we use regularly.

Getting Organised at Callaloo Soup-8 copy

In one of the lower kitchen cabinets that was freed up by the buffet, I have these larger jars, with extra stock, or the things we don’t use as much. This is going to make cooking a little less painless!

Finally, the system that is helping me keep it all together and work through these projects: my new Filofax planner

Getting Organised at Callaloo Soup-1 copy

I’ve been looking for a way to keep better organised with all my tasks. I’ve used a wide variety of notebooks over the years, but nothing seemed to work. Then I saw a few online friends posting about their planners, and investigated. It hit me that what I needed was one place to keep all the bits together. I had tried binders in the past but always found them too big. I got the planner in A5 size, which is perfect for my desk, and also fairly portable.

To support it, I re-did my top desk drawer to keep only my stationery essentials nearby

Getting Organised at Callaloo Soup-3 copy


Washi, and post-its and clips, oh my! This is working out so well for me, so far.

Getting Organised at Callaloo Soup-2 copy

Do you need to see your crafting supplies to use them? Are you a planner person, or does just a notebook work fine?

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1 thoughts on “I’ve Been in an Organising Mood”

  • That yarn shelf is great! I’m a wanna be organiser. I do organise but it gets away from me sometimes in the house cause it’s hard keeping everyone on the same page and putting things back in their space. It’s a bit easier in my studio which i just rearranged…again {for the 100th time it feels like } and this time i finally put like things together. Duh! There’s now a shelving unit where I now keep all my mixed media/painting supplies. Biggest improvement is a dedicated bookbinding/paper area. Yay me!

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