It’s Clear off Your Desk Day

It’s Clear off Your Desk Day

Every so often I check online what wacky holidays are coming up (Pie Day anyone?), and last week I saw that today January 12th was named Clear off Your Desk Day. Well! Revamping my office is top on my list this month, so I figured that would be a great place to start. My desk always ends up full of randome items, that I put there “just for a minute”. but that never seem to get moved. Add to that my son bringing me “gifts”, or leaving miscellaneous items here, I am always struggling to find space to actually work. “Well no more!” I vowed! here’s what my desk looked like on Friday


And today just before I tackled cleaning it up.

It took me a couple hours to clear it off, clean it, and organise everything again. Here it is after!

The most complicated part was what I did with the top of the desk. I was so tired of the brown wooden top, so on a whim I decided to cover it up with some white cotton canvas fabric I have. it was mostly complicated because I was measuring and cutting the fabric with the “help” of a very playful kitten. It caused me to flub it and the piece I cut was too short. So I had to add another piece of fabric on the left, which is where you see the grey chevron strip covering up the join. You’ll never believe what I used…… here’s a hint.

I redid my mousepad with the same material! Can you tell what it is? Washi tape! I so love that stuff. Some more shots of the desk.

I switched the PC tower and my filing boxes, and it just makes so much more sense this way. I added a candle on the left. It’s burning as a write this.

On the right. I have my tools: pens, tape and stapler. I keep most everything else I use in my desk drawer. I got rid of the bulky potted plant, and added some green cuttings in jars. Simple and sweet.


And speaking of desk drawers, I plan to tackle those next! I am now really motivated to clear off the other surfaces in my office too. I have a small table that I use for journaling, writing and also packaging up orders, as well as my large table where I scrap and do other crafts. I think I will just go ahead and make this Clear Off Your Desk Week!


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