22 Ways to Use Project Life Cards in Your Planner & Paper Crafts

22 Ways to Use Project Life Cards in Your Planner & Paper Crafts
 Are you addicted to Project Life cards and you don’t even scrapbook? Or maybe you do use them for the intended purpose, but you have so many of the suckers, you need to find other ways to use them before they take over your supplies entirely! Well, if you have a planner or binder, or do other kinds of paper crafts, you’ve already won half the battle! I’ve been collecting lots of ideas, and today I’m sharing 22 ways you can use Project Life cards in your planner and paper crafts.

Project Life Cards in Planners

1. Add a photo and a post it tag, laminate, cut it out and make it movable in your binder by punching a hole in the tab and cutting a slit. I have a small tutorial up here showing you how to do this.
2.  Use them on dividers
3. Use to break up space on your planner pages
4. Laminate and use as reusable checklists
I used this 4×6 card with the days of the week to keep tracks of the tasks I need to do every week in my business.
5. Use for adding additional things to a planner page – simply punch holes to place on rings, and add those extra tasks or things to remember.
6. Since they are journaling cards, they are great for writing good memories. or items for your gratitude journal that day or week.

7. Laminate a card and use it to make a mini dashboard with clips and sticky notes


8. Some cards come with a grid design, and you can use these grid cards as a calendar for tracking stuff.
9. Use on your planner dashboard or in the pockets for keeping sticky notes.
10. Keep in your planner to journal on as the day goes by, then add to scrapbook or memory planner.
11. Use as  Weekly Goal Cards, or make a weekly tab for your planner. I turned a printable card into a tabbed bookmark.
It sticks out the bottom, so I can easily flip to my weekly plan.
and I can add reminders with sticky notes too!
12. Laminate to use for lists, meal planning etc.

13. Washi to-go cards – wrap washi on to take with you for planning on the go



Project life cards in Paper Crafts

The list of ideas for paper crafts is pretty much inexhaustible! Anything you can do with regular stationery and craft supplies, you can also do with the Project Life cards. Here are just a few.

14. To-Do Lists
15. Note cards – send friendship notes to your favourite people!
16. Lunchbox notes – your kids will love this.
17. If you’re a big reader you can laminate them to make bookmarks
18. Run a small business? Use as thank you notes or even gifts for your customers, and add a personalised touch to your packaging.
19. Bind them into notebooks using a Bind-it-All or other system. Would make great party favours or stocking stuffers!
20. Use in your Pocket letters. Don’t know what Pocket Letters are? Check it out, but be careful, you just might get addicted!
21. Glue cards together at top to make a pull apart notebook.
22. Use as address labels for sending out letters, cards, and packages.
Whew! That was quite some list! I bet these will help you use up your cards some more.
Unfortunately, it probably also makes you want to go out and get even more!
Do you have any other ideas for creative ways to use Project Life and other journaling cards? Share in the comments below!
P.S. Want this list on a handy PDF? Click here to snag it.


>22 Ways to use project Life Cards in Your Planner



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