7 Go-To Tools for Working With Printables

7 Go-To Tools for Working With Printables

From inserts to cute add-ons, most of what I use in my planner are printables. My main inserts come from DIYFish on Etsy, I discovered her inserts about two years ago and they are all I use now for my daily planning and weekly and monthly schedules and tasks. Other than that I use my own printables of course, as well as other goodies that I find around the internet (see a whole bunch here). While I love the availabilty and simplicity of printables, there is some work involved with using them. Here are the 7 tools I use the most in getting my planner set-up and working.

Epson Artisan 1430

First off, my printer of course. I love the workhorse Epson Artisan 1430. I’ve had it for just over 3 years. It’s a wide format printer, so I can print up to poster size, but it also prints amazing photos. And the ink cartridges don’t totally bankrupt me either.  It’s connected by WiFi, and I have things set up so that I can print directly from my smartphone if necessary.

Cutting Tools

Once I print something out, the next step is trimming it down to fit its intended use. For the most part I am happy to use my self-healing mat, craft knife and a metal ruler. I also have a large format paper trimmer by Purple Cows that works for some cutting jobs.

It’s another tool that I invested in years ago that has served me well. I’ve never sharpened or changed, the blades and I still get sharp straight cuts every time.



I have yet to get the official Filofax hole punch, so I rely on my two Crop-a-Diles for punching holes in my inserts and other items. I have both the original hand held one (pink) and the larger desk version (orange). I’m pretty sure I’ve had them since before my son was born, so six or seven years! They both still punch perfectly. Along with them I use a protective page that came with my planner for correct hole placement when punching inserts.

Laminating Machine

Another tool in my arsenal that’s been getting some use lately is  my laminating machine. I use it for laminating things that I need to be sturdy and/or protected, like dividers. It comes in handy for making things like this photo card too. I picked mine up at a local store here, but this Purple Cows one looks pretty decent!


What are some of your go-to tools? Let me know in the comments!


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