Here’s What I’ll Do Once I #KonMari My Office

Here’s What I’ll Do Once I #KonMari My Office

My office is a constant source of stress for me lately. Because I use the small space for so many different things, it doesn’t take long for it to be a complete cluttered mess. The photo above shows what my main scrapbooking area looks like after it had been tidied so I could take some photos to share over at A Swoop and a Dart. That was back in April, and it hasn’t looked anything like this since! Here are a couple more.

Since reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up a few months ago, I’ve been on a mission to clear out the clutter. I’ve realised that clutter is like visual noise for me, and I can’t concentrate or think clearly when there is background noise.  It’s going slowly in other parts of the house, too slowly, so I’ve decided to switch my efforts to dealing with my sanctuary; this room is where I spend most of the day, it makes sense that I should attack it first.  I’ve scheduled the big de-clutter for the last two weeks of October, and now I am working on motivating myself!

So I did a little dreaming of what I’d like this space to  look like once I get rid of all the things that don;t spark joy in my business and creative life. I headed to one of my favourite Pinterest boards for some inspiration.

I’ve decided that I no longer want a regular desk, and I would love something more open. It seems from my pins that I have quite the thing for trestle tables!


I’m also loving the white walls, pops of colour and vintage pieces.  Not to mention that it isn\t perfectly organized, and shows lots of personality. This is totally me!


Another great trestle table with individual touches. I wonder if I could get mine to stay so tidy? I do have trestles on hand, plus a large wooden plank I can use, and I can probably get my husband to add shelves for storage on the table legs.


Chalkboard for dreaming and scheming will be a must. (Look! More trestles!)

Maybe I’ll try to rig up my trestle like this, so I have two distinct work areas


Now for some details.


I love hanging photos and images above my workstations, and I so love the idea of including flowers and greenery too! And that vintage desk is lovely. I can see having some kind of workstation like this in a corner using a vintage styled table. I really like this project table from Shaka Studios

They can custom make these to fit your needs!


How about a real life Pinterest board with images that inspire?


These wire baskets are the dream. I’ve been searching for similar ones at the flea markets. No luck yet, but they will be nine one day!


And this monitor cover! I am so making one. It will be a nice way to make my black monitor look pretty, plus at the end of the day, covering up my monitor would be a good signal that says: no more work!

What are some of the ideas you have for your home office or craft room?



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4 thoughts on “Here’s What I’ll Do Once I #KonMari My Office”

  • Thanks for featuring ShaKa Studios’ Custom Project Table! I think your office is going to be awesome. FYI – I started reading that Konmari book and couldn’t finish it. Some of us are cut out for decluttering and some of us just need to embrace the piles.

    • You’re welcome! Well she does say to keep what sparks joy, and I guess for you that’s piles! 🙂 Have you read Etcetera by Sibella Court? It’s all about living with your collections.

  • I can really relate to this! I do one little thing, and my space turns into a huge mess! I have really small work spaces with limited storage, and it’s a challenge. I love the spaces you shared here, and I’m interested to hear what you do to take back the control! I love that monitor cover. Have you made it yet?

    • Hi Patty! I am still working on gaining control, it’s a struggle for sure. Still haven’t made the cover, but I will be focusing on lots of crafting from next week.

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