Practice Makes Progress

Back in January I posted about  two creative pursuits I was taking on:  sketching and hand lettering. Four months later I am still enjoying both these new art forms, in fact I might be mildly obsessed!

It hasn’t been a smooth process though. I fell off the lettering wagon early in January, but kept up with my line drawing all the way through April. Here are some examples.

Birds Line Drawing

April Sketch a Day

Field of flowers line drawing

Seeweed and butterflies line drawings

House plants line drawing

Doodling and drawing is now part of my daily life! Something I never would have imagined a few months ago. I’m not currently doing any drawing challenges, but I sketch in my daily notebook all the time now, and have numerous sketchbooks in use.

Daily doodles

Francine's sketchbook

And I have the amazing class by Lisa Congdon to thank for it all.

I fell off with the hand lettering because I got frustrated quickly at my lack of skills. But it kept nagging at me, and so in April I started the 100 Day Challenge hosted by Elle Luna (author of  The Crossroads of Should & Must), and along with my sister I am working on 100 Days of Hand Lettering. I got serious and printed off tons of practice sheets and so far have worked on it every single day since April 19th.

Hand lettering practice

Handwriting practice

I’m amazed at what a difference consistent practice makes.


So much so that I even tried my hand at a hand lettered title on a scrapbook page (yes, I still scrapbook ha!)

Survival Juice hand lettered scrapbook page title

I love that I am learning new crafty skills to use in my original passions.

What new projects have you been working on this year?




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