Are your crafts passions, hobbies, or useful skills?

Are your crafts passions, hobbies, or useful skills?

As multi-passionates we love being able to do various types of arts and crafts. And this is what might lead to us having way more stuff than we need, because we want to be fully equipped to do any of them whenever we want.

But we need to really examine what level we are at in each thing we love or practice. Is it a passion, a hobby or just a useful skill to call on when necessary? I’ve been examining my approach to various crafts and here’s what I discovered.


The Oxford English Dictionary defines a passion as

a. An intense desire or enthusiasm for (also †of) something; the zealous pursuit of an aim.

b. An aim or object pursued with zeal; a thing arousing intense enthusiasm.

What’s interesting to note is that this is the ninth definition of passion listed, and the word only started being used in this sense from 1638, whereas earlier definitions relating to physical suffering and pain (!!!)  were in use from 1188. The definition relating to love showed up around 1648. (I highly recommend reading the entire entry at And if you’re a real word nerd you need to buy The Meaning of Everything, and The Professor and the Madman).

As it relates to my creative life my passions are those activities that I can’t stop thinking about, that I wake up wanting to work on every day, and that have a permanent place and practice in my life.

For me that is without a doubt scrapbooking. I started scrapbooking back in 2000 and have never looked back. For a long time it was what I did all day, every day. It’s why I started writing my blog! And even though I no longer scrapbook as much as I used to I can’t imagine it not being a part of my life and creativity.

I’ve streamlined my supplies, but I don’t see a day where I will say “meh, I don’t really scrapbook anymore, so let me get rid of all my stuff”. Nope, nope, never. Just thinking about it……I mean I just can’t even……. sorry, I need to go hyperventilate into a paper bag……..

Okay. All better.

Scrapbooking for me is a simmering passion, one that’s on a slow burn that will just always be there.

On the other hand, I have a current burning passion that is art, drawing and lettering. This is what makes me leap out of bed right now, and what I work on every single day.

I think it’s perfectly normal to have both a simmering passion and a burning heart’s desire. Not when it comes to romantic relations though, let’s be clear about that okay?

So what are your true passions?



an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation

When I was a child and people asked me what my hobbies were my answer was invariably “reading”. It seemed like a cop out though. so I bravely tried picking up stamp and coin collecting but never kept those up. And as far as hobbies go I think reading is a pretty good one to have don’t you?

While I read every day, and can’t imagine a life where I don’t read (although that first year after my son was born I think I read absolutely nothing….oh wait there were all those baby books), it’s not a driving passion. I’m not leaping out of bed every morning to grab my book (although, now that I think about it…….)

It’s something I enjoy, I look forward to doing it, and it has a permanent space in my life.

Other things I’d classify as hobbies are:

  • gardening
  • home decor and DIY
  • general handicrafts
  • photography

I enjoy all of these, but don’t feel the need to have all the best tools, supplies, or equipment to practise them, and they certainly don’t consume me like my passions do.

What are your hobbies?

Useful Skill

the ability, coming from one’s knowledge, practice, aptitude, etc., to do something well

1. proficiency, facility. 2. deftness, cleverness.

Skills are those crafts we can call upon when we need them for something specific. And my sister will disown me for saying this but for me this is sewing, knitting and crochet. (Sorry Vernie).

I enjoy them very much and I am fairly proficient, and while they consumed me for a while, I later realised that I only knit and crochet at specific times, especially for gift making, or for home decor. I sew even less, and that’s usually only for mending or making very specific items for our home. I can start and stop projects over time without feeling like something is missing from my life. That’s why I made the decision to significantly reduce my yarn and fabric stash, and only keep a few skeins of the very best quality of yarn, and my favourite fabrics for making the few projects I do per year.

What would you say are your useful skills?

One thing that’s interesting to note, is that many of my hobbies and skills were at one time passions. Which makes sense, when we start something new we tend to go all in for a while. But it is perfectly okay to move a passion down to a lower level in your arsenal. It’s something you will always be able to call upon when necessary. It’s also perfectly okay to decide that something just isn’t for you and to stop doing it.

How would you classify all your various crafts? Let’s talk about it in the comments!



P.S. Need some help figuring this out? Get a free worksheet!

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2 thoughts on “Are your crafts passions, hobbies, or useful skills?”

  • Reading is definitely my passion. When I don’t read (and it doesn’t have to be fiction, I just need to read something!) I don’t feel like myself. Lettering/handwriting is my current hobby, and I hope it becomes a skill eventually.

  • Wow, you sound so much like me. I love love love paper crafting (scrap-booking, card making, etc). I also love photography (mostly nature and scenic stuff…not people lol). I have an expensive sewing machine that my husband uses…sadly… But I do plan to get into sewing, as I love fashion and reading (although I have not been as active lately 🙁
    But I love how you broke down, ‘Passion’, ‘Hobby’ and ‘Skill’. It’s got me thinking. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Can’t wait to read more.

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