How I Set Up My Bullet Journal July to Dec 2016

Leuchtturm1917 and pens

Another planner post? Yes! Going forward I’ll be posting about planning on the first Friday of the month, which happens to be today! Plus I am pretty excited about getting my new bullet journal or bujo set-up like I mentioned last week. So I’ll take you through how I have it set up to start this bullet journal journey.

By the way, If you’re not familiar with bullet journaling, check out the official site by Ryder Carroll the creator of this system. If you’re a pen and paper girl and love lists, it just might be the planning system for you.


Here’s a list of my basic supplies.

I’ll also be using fun add-ins like washi tape, stamps, stickers and of course printables.


I thought long and hard about what I wanted to include in my bujo. Since I have my Filofax binders for various projects, I don’t need to have everything in my notebook. I checked out lots of blog posts at Boho Berry, and lots of pins on Pinterest and came up with a list.

Bullet Journal Index

I love that the Leuchtturm has a built in index and numbered pages. It makes keeping track of where stuff is very easy.

Key and Color Code in Bullet Journal

Here’s my key and colour coding. I totally simplified my coding, before I had a different colour for each category of work, and it became a bit confusing. Now work is just blue.

Pen Log and headers in bullet journal

I decided to set up some reference sheets for pens and decorative elements.

How I Set Up My New Bullet Journal for July to December 2016-5


This handwriting sheet was copied over from this pin I found

Goals and Working On in bullet journal

Next my goals for the rest of the year, and a list of current projects I’m working on. I’m thinking this will help me keep on track, and not get distracted by shiny object syndrome.

brain Dump pages in bullet journal

Two pages for clearing out my head!

Commonplace Book in bullet journal


Have you heard about the Commonplace Book?  it’s usually a book that you keep to write down quotes, inspirations, and excerpts you come across in books and articles. I started one several months ago, but since I don’t always have it with me that didn’t work out so well. I thought the bujo would be the perfect place to have some pages dedicated for this purpose.

Business reference pages in bullet journal

A couple of pages with things I need to reference while I work. And that’s about it for general collections. My next section is where I get my planning done, and things like monthly tracking

Planning and Monthlies

Future Log in Bullet Journa

My future log. I loved the idea of having the mini calendars as a reference.

July Monthly View in bullet journal

July monthly view. I think I might add a mini-calendar here too since I do like seeing my month laid out in calendar form.

Habit Tracker and Spending log in bullet journal

I’ve never been that good at keeping track of stuff, we’ll see how this works!

Memories and book log in bullet journal

A page for noting monthly memories and books read during the month.

Creative challenge in bullet journal

This is a photo challenge I’m working on July 1 to 14th on Instagram. I plan to colour in each flag as I complete the prompt. I’m considering doing a lettering challenge too, so I’ll add those prompts to the right side.

Weekly view in bullet journal

My weekly view will be the grid on the left for events and appointments, and a task list for the week on the right.

And finally my daily pages!

Daily page in bullet journalI feel really good about this system, I think it will serve me well. I’ll probably do an update in a couple months so you can see how things are going.

Do you bullet journal? If not, do you think it could be a system that you could use?


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