Stop Rushing Hand Lettered Quote | Free Printable!

Stop Rushing Hand Lettered Quote | Free Printable!

Happy Friday folks! Today Vernell and I are sharing some hand lettering. We both did hand lettering practice as our project for The 100 Day project, and since that project wrapped up a couple days ago, it’s quite apt to share a hand lettered quote today.

While I didn’t post photos on Instagram every day, I faithfully did my hand lettering practice in a variety of ways. I’m quite pleased at the difference consistently practicing has made.

Here’s an early try at a quote:


and here’s one from last week:

As they say, practice makes progress. I feel like I still have a lot to learn, but I am happy with where I am already!


Here’s the process I used to make this quote: “Once she stopped rushing through life, she realized how much more life she has time for” – author unknown.

I started by writing the quote out in my sketchbook, then using pencil to come up with a few different layouts.

Then I switched to my calligraphy pen (I seriously love this thing) to get an idea of how the lettered quote would look.

I really liked the version with the flourishes, though admittedly I need to up my flourish game! The next thing I did was to write out the quote on drawing paper. I started off using calligraphy ink and an no. 4 paintbrush (top left), but then switched to my Tombow dualbrush.

Then I practiced my flourishes

Now time to make the quote. I started with pencil guidelines to ensure the quote would be centered and the lines even.

I realised halfway through that I miscalculated the positioning. Oops! That meant the quote wasn’t entered vertically.

No problem!  Let’s add a butterfly at the top

and that’s it!

What do you think?

Supplies used

Moleskine sketchbook
Tombow Fudenosuke
Tombow dualbrush
Canson drawing paper
Staedtler  eraser
Tombow sand eraser

And, I scanned in the quote and made it a PDF so you can download your very own copy! Just click here to get it.

Now head on over to see Vernell’s version.

Speaking of not rushing through life, that’s exactly my plan for August, so this will be my last blog post until my son starts school back in September. I’m not disappearing entirely though, you can still follow me on Instragram. I post crafty stuff at @organisedcrafterbrain, and lifestyle stuff at @francinecallaloosoup . And I’ll probably revamp my art account @francinessketchbook too!

See you back here the first Friday in September!

Free Handlettered Quote Poster from Callaloo Soup


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