Friday Freebie | Printable Treat Yo Self Treat Box

Friday Freebie | Printable Treat Yo Self Treat Box

If you’re a fan of Parks and Rec (and possibly even if you’re not!), you’re no doubt familiar with this phrase from the show. It’s kind of a no-brainer that I needed to make a treat box with that phrase!

Now you can make your own and fill it with whatever your favourite treat is. Unless it’s wine. Please don’t fill it with with wine.

Make the Treat Yo Self Treat Box

Once you print out the PDF (I recommend using smooth white card stock), cut around the outside lines

Use a bone folder to score all the white lines, then make all the creases.

Add glue to the, you guess it, glue tab. Then fold to form the box sticking the tab to the inside back portion.

Now fill that bad boy with treats! You can use these for a party, or take one along to your office, or keep in your purse for when you need a quick treat to just be able to can with life.


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What’s your favourite treat?

Free printable Treat Yo Self treat boxes from Callaloo Soup


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