DIY | Make a Blending Palette for Watercolour Markers

DIY | Make a Blending Palette for Watercolour Markers

Thanks to my lettering for the 100 Day Project, I got interested in learning how to blend my watercolour markers (I have two kinds, Tombow Duals and Kois), and found out that I needed to use a blending palette. You can purchase one that is made by Tombow, but once I realised that it is basically a piece of plastic, I decided to just make my own.

A couple years ago I figured out that if I ran a laminating pocket through my laminating machine with nothing in it, then I would end up with a nice piece of sturdy plastic. I started using a piece like that for my blending palette, but today I’m going to show you how to ramp it up a bit.


You will need:

  • A laminating machine
  • Laminating pockets
  • Plain white paper

I made two sizes: A4 and A5 as I had laminating pockets in those sizes

Step one: The only step!

Place the plain paper inside the laminating pocket and run it through the laminating machine.







That’s it! You’re done.

If you like, you can print the words Blending Palette on the paper first.

Now you can use the blending palette to mix up all kinds of colours.

The first thing I recommend you use it for is to make a blending chart, so you know what colour mixes you can make. For this you will need your new blending palette, your markers, watercolour paper, pencil, permanent pen (like Sigma Microns), ruler, small paint brush and a jar of water.


I made mine by following the instructions over at Tombow. Well sort of. I didn’t do mine exactly that way……

I got totally excited at some of these blends and can’t wait to use them.

Once it was totally dry, I laminated it as well to keep it protected (I’m a messy crafter, water WILL fall on it while being used).

Next step is to make one with my Sakura Koi Watercolor pens.

You can also use the blending palette with actual watercolours!

Do you think you will give this a try?

If you found this useful, keep it handy by pinning the image below.


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