A Walk Through My Mindful Christmas Planner

A Walk Through My Mindful Christmas Planner
A Walk Through My 2015 Mindful Christmas Planner

Hello creative lady! Today I want to take you on a tour of my Mindful Christmas Planner. For the last few years I have been making sure to really plan out our Holiday festivities, and instead of just wishing for things to happen, I have actually been seeing that writing it all down led to a calmer, saner and more enjoyable season.

For me, the most important thing is to start with setting my intentions for the Holidays. My main goal is to not end up overwhelmed frazzled and stressed out.

You can read more about my intentions here. Also very important for my family is setting a budget and sticking to it.

Next a series of pages for noting down ideas for treats, meals, decor and activities


Also very important to me, and to you as a creative I bet, is how to go about documenting this year’s memories.

There’s a spot for noting your big overall project, and space to make lists of photo and scrapbook page ideas. Next to this I usually insert a December calendar (not included in the planner). I use it to note down all the important dates and activities in December to aid me in planning out my December album. This way I can plan ahead on which days I would want to have full page layouts or double spreads in my pocket page album.

Next up planning for Christmas cards

Then the gift section. I love giving handmade gifts as well as buying presents, so there are three separate double spreads for gift giving.

And of course those gifts need to be wrapped!

Finally, I think it’s important to note down what worked and what didn’t work, so that things could be even better the following year!

The 18 page printable planner is available in theOCB Etsy shop for under $9. Let me know if you have any questions!

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