DIY Handmade Gifts for Him

DIY Handmade Gifts for Him

There’s nothing better, in my opinion, than giving and receiving handmade gifts. Both the giver and the receiver get lots of pleasure from these kind of gifts, they are my very favourite way to show my love. I collect gift ideas all year long in preparation for Christmas, but also for other occasions. Today I am sharing some of my favourite DIY gift ideas for men!

Adjustable Apron

This apron is great for anyone, but made in dark manly colours, is the perfect idea for the man in your life who loves to cook. if made from heavy duty fabric, it could also be used in the workshop! The pattern and instructions come from The Purl Bee

Beer Bottle Glasses

I am working up the courage to try this DIY out. It seems somewhat risky, but I’ve read several accounts of people doing it successfully. I really do love the idea of upcycling beer and other liquor bottles though! Get all the details here

Crochet Slippers


Gift him comfort and warmth, with a handmade pair of slippers! This is a beginner’s pattern that you can change up by using different colours of yarn. It’s $4.80 at Lulla, but you can find free options at Ravelry.

Fibonacci Scarf

I am seriously in love with this knitted scarf which was inspired by the Fibonacci sequence. In fact I made one for a physicist friend last year, except I did mine in crochet. It’s all purl stitches, so very easy to work up while watching TV. You could also make it shorter and it would take less time.

Hemingway Cowl

This cowl is drool worthy! (Seriously, the cowl, just the cowl). I know exactly who it would be perfect for, but I fear I might not have enough time to pull it off. But some of you champion knitters may! There’s a matching hat too.

Leather Journal

I made a smaller version of this for a stocking stuffer last year. The instructions are for covering a ready-made journal with cover, and adding the embossing. This is a quick idea, with lots of impact.

Leather Tool Roll

Leather Tool Roll

A gorgeous gift for the handyman! The tool roll will help keep his essential tools handy, and is easy to carry around. It’s labour intensive, but I think it will be well worth the effort.

Here’s another version to try.

Do you have any handmade gifts planned for the men in your life? Share your ideas in the comments!

8 DIY Gifts for Him


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