This Website Will Make You More Creative

This Website Will Make You More Creative

I’ve spoken about my love for the Creativebug website in various posts before, but today I really want to pull it all together and do a major ode to the site. I discovered Creativebug two years ago when Lisa Congdon (an artist I adore), posted about the daily drawing challenge she was running there. The 14 day trial period for the site made it a no-brainer to sign up, and the extremely reasonable monthly fee kept me as a member.

I haven’t regretted that decision. In the last two years I credit the site with helping me be more creative, and most importantly more consistent with my creativity. After the success of Lisa’s challenge, the site has run daily challenges every month for the last two years. I haven’t done them all, but the ones that I have done have helped my creativity to bloom and grow.

After Lisa’s challenge I did another drawing challenge with Pam Garrison. These two challenges combined taught me that I actually can draw, I just really need to practice.


I’ve always been fascinated with watercolour, but I totally sucked at it. Last year I was determined to get better so I took a couple watercolor classes at Creativebug, but most importantly, I did the month long challenge of watercolour florals with Yao Cheng. I was simply amazed at how much I improved.

I never imagined before starting this challenge that I could end up with such a body of work!

In August I joined Courtney Cerruti for 30 Days of Creative Living. The simple daily challenges made it possible for me to keep up even while on vacation. They also opened my eyes to how easy it is to incorporate creativity in your daily life.


In September I completed what is possibly one of my favourite challenges to date: 30 Days of Book Art with Faith Hale. During the month we learned lots of book art techniques, made individual pages, then learnt how to bind everything together into a fantastic little book.  As you can imagine this challenge spoke to my scrapbooker’s heart! Playing with paper is hands-down my favourite thing to do.


Aside from the monthly challenges, Creativebug also offers tons of arts and crafts classes in any area you can think of. Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill, improve your skills or just get ideas for new projects, I bet you can find a class you will love. Some of my favourites include How to Make Zines, Intermediate Watercolor , and Beginning Calligraphy.   

This year I want to work more on sewing, and I’ll definitely be heading to Creativebug for help! They also have classes in knitting, crochet, jewelry design, and tons more, so whatever your current or long lived passion you can find classes you will love.

So tell me, do you like taking online classes? I myself am quite obsessed with them!

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