I Did a Bunch of Creative Challenges in 2017 and Loved Them!

I Did a Bunch of Creative Challenges in 2017 and Loved Them!

Oh how I love doing creative challenges! They help to keep me more consistent with my daily creativity. And they also help to keep me connected with the online creative community, since it’s so easy now to interact with other like minded souls.

Last year I enjoyed quite a few creative challenges, and I am looking forward to continuing in this vein in 2018. Here are the challenges I took part in last year.

Creative Boot Camp with Lisa Congdon

I totally loved all these varying creative exercises. Such a great start to the year. In fact I think I will do this class all over again in February!

In March a did a more business oriented photography challenge with Amy Walsh all about making flat lays for social media.


In April I started The 100 Day Project, and I focused on hand lettering.

To mix things up during this project I joined in other lettering challenges, mainly for prompt ideas.

The Happy Lettering Challenge:

Letter With Solidarity


I also made up my own challenge, and combined line drawing with lettering. I used 20 Ways to Draw a Tulip by Lisa Congdon as my guide for the drawings.


As my 100 Day challenge was winding down in July, I jumped head first into 31 Watercolour Florals with Yao Cheng at Creativebug. This was one of my favourite challenges the entire year.


In August we traveled, but I still manged to squeeze in two challenges:

Show Me Your Florals

and Living a More Creative Life


Since September is all about books (cause Back-to-School), I decided to try 30 Days of Book Art at Creativebug. I LOVED it!


I also started the Paperwand 30 Day Watercolour Challenge


In October I dipped into the Lettering Challenge with Pam Garrison at Creativebug

Then life happened (I started a part time job) and the Holidays were upon us, and there ended my creative challenge adventure for 2017.

Just looking back at the last year I can tell how much my creative practice has grown, and so this year I will continue to do at least one challenge a month. In January I hopped in on 31 Days of Patterns, but started late so will continue in February. I am also setting up my own doodle challenge for February. More on that later.

What creative challenges have you done and really enjoyed?

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