I’m gearing up to start the 2019 edition of The 100 Day Project! This will be my fifth time (I think), and I’m pretty excited because I really love my project idea.

I was toying with a few different ideas, including trying to do some memory keeping (because I really want to start scrapping again), but then a couple weeks ago I did a live workshop with Amy Walsh of The Bureau of Tactical Imagination, and we did an exercise where we made “collages” using images cut out of magazines, and I had an epiphany!

I so loved the process that I know it would make the perfect project:

it’s quick

it’s simple

it’s portable

it’s infinitely creative

Here are some of the temporary collages that I made during that workshop. They are temporary because nothing is stuck down, it’s just photographed and then the pieces can be used again!

My daily approach will be to make a quick collage, then take a photo. I won’t be sticking anything down just placing the images together. I’ll be using the hashtag #100daysoftemporarycollages and posting daily (ahem!) on my art account francinessketchbook.

Over the next week, I’ll be getting ready by cutting more images out so that I have a good stack to use.

Are you taking part this year? What’s your project?

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