Gift Ideas for Multipassionate Crafters

Gift Ideas for Multipassionate Crafters

I realised that I was a multipassionate crafter a few years ago, and since then I have been trying to help other crafters like me get the most joy out of their many passions. One of the things that helps is having tools, supplies and books on hand that you love. We don’t have to have many, but what makes us happy is owning quality things we can turn to when we need them. If you have a multipassionate crafter in your life, here are my best ideas on what she or he will love to unwrap come Christmas morning.

Basic Tools & Supplies

We LOVE tools. Tools are our lifeline. With a good basic set of craft tools we can do anything. Anything I tell you!

Paper Cutter

Retractable Craft Knife & Fingertip knife

Cutting Mat


Sewing Ruler

Metal Ruler

Hole punch

Crochet Hooks

Knitting Needles

Paint brushes

Bookbinding tools

Fabric Scissors

Paints – Acrylic, gouache, and watercolour

Inks – India inks and acrylic inks

Paper – mixed media, and watercolour

Adhesive – all purpose, PVA, tape runner


Creative books help us fuel our passion. Sometimes (rarely) we don’t feel like actually crafting, but reading about crafting is also good!

Big Magic and Creative You for creative inspiration

Vogue Knitting for knitters

Painted Paper

Handmade Books for Everyday Adventures

Painting Faces

Taking Flight

Making Winter

Monthly Kits + Subscriptions

There’s nothing more exciting than receiving brand new materials in the mail. It’s like Christmas every morning! And having a trusted online source to go to for ideas and instructions is always a good thing.


Maker Crate from KiwiCo

Knit Crate


The Crafter’s Box


Creative Bug – hands down my favourite site for crafty classes

Seamwork – for the sewists

With just under a week left you can still make some of these happen! Your crafter will thank you.

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