A Quick Look at my 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up

A Quick Look at my 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up

Happy New Year crafty and planner friends! My day to day bullet journal is ready to go, so I wanted to share my simple set-up. Not much has changed from 2019 to be honest, so it didn’t take me long to get going this year. I continued in the notebook that I started in October, so there was no need to work on an Index, Key, or Future Log as I already had those. Here’s what it looks like.

My first spread is all about my word of the year: habit. I wrote out the word and its definitions, then on the facing page I made a list of the habits I want to work on during this year.

I am working on a 20 Things in 2020 list, to get some bucket list like items achieved this year, as well as to reinforce some of the aforementioned habits.

Next up is my list of books to read. These are the books that I come across in daily life, whether mentioned by a friend, or recommended by a book club, blog, podcast etc. I wrote about it a few months ago on my sorta bookish blog, but it has been updated a bit since then. I’m keeping track of when I purchase the book, what reading challenge it can work for, and when I actually read the book I’ll highlight it.

Next is my standard book log to keep track of all the books I will read this year.

And that’s pretty much it! I’m keeping it very simple as usual. I plan to add a layout with goals for the next five to six months, but I am still working out what those are, so will add it later on.

Have you done your 2020 set up?

Next week I’ll share my new crafty bullet journal!

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