Say Hello to My Crafter’s Bullet Journal for 2020

Say Hello to My Crafter’s Bullet Journal for 2020

I’ve been using my current Crafter’s Bullet Journal for about three years now, and it’s starting to look pretty dingy! I’ll also be at the end of it soon, so the new year is a great time for me to set up a new one.

I’ve also had some ideas on how to improve on some of my spreads, and was excited to try out some new layouts!

I made a bit of an error when I started it though. I was so excited by the thought of all my 2020 craft projects, that I started out with those spreads, when I really should have done my tool and supply inventory first. But no worries. The important thing is that all the information I need is at hand. Plus, that’s what the index (not pictured), is for!

Here’s what we can find inside:

My 2020 Crafting Goals – I set goals for things I want to accomplish this year in each category of craft that I do: yarn, paper, art, sewing, DIY, home decor, and make alongs.

Early in January I also decided to join the 20 Things in 2020 trend and since a few of my items are craft related, I’m keeping track of the specifics in this notebook. These will just be a simple list I add to as I complete the twenty things.

My 2020 Wishlists (i.e. things I want to make/do), and current WIPs (things I want to finish) for yarn, DIY, sewing and papercrafts.

Knitting Needle and Crochet Hook Inventory – this helps me when I’m deciding what project I can actually start next! I plan to use asterisks in pencil to note how many are currently in use.

Yarn Inventory – specifically KnitCrate. I subscribed to Knit Crate so I want to keep track of the yarn I receive each month. I included a column to note potential projects I can use the yarn for.

I also subscribe to Maker Crate, so I want to track the boxes coming in, and if/when I make the project!

In January I signed up to do the stash busting project from Stitches n Scraps, so I want to track how well I am doing with that. It’s one pattern every month.

Last year I started making project pages to keep notes on current projects, and that definitely will continue, as I found it very helpful. Especially for my yarn projects to keep track of supplies used, and changes made, in the case that I ever want to make the same item again.

And that’s it so far. I have a couple other year long projects I’m deciding on, but haven’t worked out yet, so will add those in later. And of course whatever new projects might come along (ahem!) with get added as things happen.

Drop me a comment if you have any questions! What method do you use for staying on top of your crafting projects?

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