Craft Project Planning

Craft Project Planning

Sometimes some craft projects just seem too big and overwhelming, and so we never start them. But we keep thinking about them and really wanting to get them done.

This has happened to me quite a bit, and I finally decided to transfer some of my professional project managment skills to managing my crafts! I came up with a project planning sheet to help me break these bigger projects into smaller bits that I could tackle.

This is one from a couple years ago almost when I was planning out how to attack my 100 Day Project of a zine a day. The layout is pretty simple> I have headers for the name of the project, the goals of the project, the due dates and start dates. And any other useful information, like if it has an associated hashtag, a link with more details online etc.

Then four sections for my plan of attack where I break down how I will approach the project. On the facing page is space for additional notes and sketches. This has really helped me get a handle on bigger and more time consuming tasks.

This year I have two big projects in mind/ The first is my upcycled cothing project, where I want to use my unworn clothing as a source of fabric for making new pieces of clothing.

I’ve already set up my goals, and my plan of attack.

My second big project is getting back into scrapbooking and memory keeping. Every year it’s one of my goals, but it never seems to happen. I realised that I need to have a plan of attack!

I’ve set myself a very strict deadline: I need to have my plan for the rest of the year ready to go by the end of February.

I’m feeling pretty good that I will now make headway on these two projects! How do you approach bigger, more time consuming crafts?

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