Planning Up a Crafting Storm

Planning Up a Crafting Storm

Along with all the crafting I have been doing, I have also been planning even more! I am using my crafty bullet journal pretty much daily now. I use it to keep on top of current projects, but also to document and plan for bigger projects, and things coming up within the month.

I’ve mostly completed my planning for the two big projects I want to tackle this year.

I had so much to write about my plan for memory keeping that I needed another page – maybe even two.

This next page is where I noted the five yarn projects I am focusing on at the moment, and then some ideas I want to try from an art prompt book.

When I realised that the 100 Day Project starts in just over a month, I set up a spread to brainstorm potential ideas.

Just today I used my crafty bujo to work out if I had enough yarn in my stash to make a cute project that I found by chance on Pinterest (that happens to me a lot, how about you)

Of course once I found the yarn, I couldn’t help myself, I had to go ahead and get started!

I then added this to my list of projects in process to help keep myself in check. Maybe…….

So that;s what’s been going in my crafty bujo of late. How about you?

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