7 Days, 6 Starts

Towards the end of February, I stumbled across an intriguing art challenge on Instagram: Start a new piece of art every day for 6 days. I was intrigued because usually we crafters and artists feel like we start too many things, and don’t finish enough!

This was such a different spin on things that I HAD to try it. Day 1 of the challenge called for prepping things for the week. The other six days were to make six new starts.

Here are mine:

Day 1 – a new portrait

Day 2 – a sketch for a series of tropical themed paintings I have in mind

Day 3 – turning one of my temporary collages into a painting

Day 4 – acrylic blob painting

Day 5 – a preliminary sketch for a painting class at CreativeBug

Day 6 – painty collage backgrounds

While some days it was hard to stop after making the start, overall it was totally freeing to do these. And now when I want to get artsy, I have six potential projects to work on!

The challenge ran the first week of March, but you can do this at any time if you want to. Get all the info here.

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