DIY Gifts for Men Part 2

DIY Gifts for Men Part 2

A few years ago I did a series of posts on DIY gifts for different people. The one for men has stayed the most popular. And I get it. because every year I struggle to find ideas for the men in my family. Now that I am better at knitting, I default to those kinds of gifts, but not everyone can do this. Plus sometimes you need something that can be made fairly quickly, and knitting has quite the time investment to it!

I came across lost of neat ideas in my search this year, so here is another round up of DIY Gifts for Men.

Homemade Beard Oil

Beards are hot y’all! And the men want to keep them looking good! Here are five different recipes to help.

This one comes with a free printable label .

Or you might prefer to make a balm instead.

Mini Herringbone Scarf

I have to include one knitting project so let me get it out the way now. I love this herringbone stitch, and wish I’d found this project sooner. But super fast knitters could probably get it done in time!

Etched Liquor Glasses

These glasses were specifically etched for a bourbon drinker, but you can adapt that to the drink of choice, be it whisky or rum.

Leather Tablet Case

Make this sophisticated tablet case with a piece of leather. You can adjust the measurements to suit your guy’s specific tablet. This can also be an up-cycle project if you reuse leather from an old jacket or bag.

Hanging Watch Holder

Does your guy have a selection of watches? Keep them nicely corralled with this hanging watch holder that makes them easy to see and select from.

Leather Mouse Pad

Speaking of sophisticated, how about this leather mouse pad? It’s a bit involved, but the result is just lovely!

Bicycle Frame Lunch Bag

The active guy will appreciate this neat way to carry a sandwich or other snack on the biking trails.

Leather Cord Organizers

Tangled cords will be a thing of the past with these quick and simple leather cord organizers. Leather is such a versatile crafting material, and is perfect for gifts for men!

Here’s another version!

Paracord Lanyards

Here’s another great idea for the adventure guy. A way to carry 10 feet of paracord PLUS make it useful at the same time. These paracord lanyards are a very handy solution!

Dino Smartphone Tripod

Here’s a fun make that might appeal to the younger guy set. I totally plan to make one of these for each of us, as soon as I can find my son’s dinosaur toys (and he gives me permission to use them). A pretty cheeky version of a smart phone tripod!

So grab your bullet journal or printed out gift planner, choose which one of these you want to make and note down which supplies you will need to buy or gather.

Do you have a favourite gift you like to make for guys? Share with us in the comments!

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