Yes, I am The Organised Crafterbrain

Yes, I am The Organised Crafterbrain

My roots in crafting lie in paper crafting – specifically scrapbook. There was a time when all I did was scrapbook. I woke up thinking about the pages I wanted to make, and the stories I wanted to tell. Back then I also had lots of time, not having yet had my son. So it was simpler for me to find time to be creative. I honestly didn’t need to find time, it was just there and available.

Eventually I started getting interested in other kinds of crafts, crochet, knitting, DIY and hand made decor. My supplies exploded, and then to top it off I had a newborn baby. Very little time for crafts those few years. At the same time I was trying to work on my online business. Yep, I was overwhelmed. Over the years I tried a number of different planning systems, both digital, and paper based. Eventually I found bullet journaling, and that’s when everything fell into place.

I was able to lay everything out in a way that made sense to me, and I found that with some thought and organisation, and really clear goals, I could find time to make the things I loved. I also came upon the decluttering and minimalist movements, and had an epiphany. Hey, I actually don’t need to have all this stuff! I never use the majority of it anyway. And so The Organised Crafterbrain was born.

Now I know how to use my time better, and ensure that I am making the things I really want to be making. I definitely go through slumps (like during this pandemic), and I also experience those magpie moments when I am running after shiny things, but mainly I have a calm and steady approach to my projects, and remain creatively motivated.

This means for example, that I have the pleasure of making handmade gifts for my family, as well as being able to learn new skills, like drawing and painting.

I’m very excited for creativity in 2021.

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