Plan the Work, Work the Plan

Plan the Work, Work the Plan

Today I took a look at my project list for the month and freaked a little. I have a bit of backlog from January, because I was slow to get going last month, so February is chock full. I usually don’t do a separate planning calendar for my crafts, but I knew laying it all out would give me perspective.

These are one-off projects that I plan to do in an hour or two. I also have ongoing crochet and knit projects but those will be done over the month. In fact this month I will try to track how long those projects take, so that I can plan better going forward. I’m a pretty slow knitter, which frustrates me, and I want to figure out how long things really take, so that I am not frustrated or impatient, and actually do make it to the end of the piece!

Creative people tend to be resistant to this kind of planning, but I’ve found that this is what I need to do if I really want to get things done.

And I have a tip for you: when watercolour painting of late I have to wait for layers to dry. So I usually have a small and simple crochet or yarn project that I can work on in between paint layers. Paint a layer, knit a couple rows, paint a layer etc. It works!

What tricks do you use for planning and using your time effectively?

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1 thoughts on “Plan the Work, Work the Plan”

  • Great post. I mostly plan events but also things related to work and my side business. I don’t really plan my free time much, because there isn’t a lot of it right now. Great idea for putting in creative project and making using of your time though.

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