Hey Crafterbrains! Hold Me Accountable

Hey Crafterbrains! Hold Me Accountable

Yesterday I showed you my plan for finishing some one-off projects. I mentioned that I also had some ongoing projects as well.

These four yarn projects are what I am working on this month. Three of them I plan to finish by February 28th, The fourth is a long term project that I know will take me months, so I am working on it a bit at a time. I’m putting these out there to be held accountable for getting them done!

I’m making these Tulip Fingerless Mittens to keep my hands warm in the house (I get cold very easily!) . One side down, one side to go.

This is my second Dragon Belly Shawl. it’s a fun easy crochet project, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out with this yarn.

I need to get this Rosaline Scarf done and dusted to blog more details about it. I’m looking forward to wearing this lacy scarf during the Spring.

I started the Elementary Wrap over a year ago. Shame! This is my long term project. I’m aiming to have it finished by September.

What are some of your current works-in-progress?

10 thoughts on “Hey Crafterbrains! Hold Me Accountable”

  • Hi there. I love that you wrote these down and shared them. I feel that you can/will achieve more if you have your goals;plans written or laid out. If I don’t, I start one thing, which leads into another thing, and before I know it, I am 4-5 things down the road and haven’t finished any of them 🙁 Best of luck to you.

  • Wow. Your projects are fantastic. The photography is also very good. I am someone who in my past did a lot of knitting, crocheting, and weaving. I still own all the implements but the urge to use them has dissipated over the years. Looking at this makes me think I want to go dig some of the stuff out again and get going. Thank you for that

    • Oh, I hope you do! Knitting and crochet have really evolved and there are some really fun patterns out there now.

  • I am currently working on… something… involving granny squares with yarn that’s 100 percent wool. I’m thinking tote bag maybe. And also I’m working on a scarf with super soft yarn. Crafting is definitely happiness.

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