Inventory This!

Inventory This!

One of the reasons that I started becoming an organised crafterbrain was because there were times when I wanted to work on a craft project, but gave up starting because I couldn’t find the supplies I was looking for. I’d try to work on something whenever I had a spare moment, but time would run out before I could start because I had to hunt for tools, or clean up my workspace.

This was particularly frustrating for crochet and knitting projects, when I would discover that I didn’t have or couldn’t find the right size of hook or needle. So I set up an inventory to help with that and it really worked!

At first.

My original iteration meant that I would know how many of each hook or needle I owned. But as I started making more and more projects – I get bored easily, so I usually have a few projects going at a time to switch between (see also reading) – I also need to know how many are currently being used.

Here is my new inventory page, which in theory should help. Now I just need to go through all those hooks and needles, and fill it in!

Do you keep an inventory of your tools and supplies?

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