100 Watercolour Afro-Ladies

100 Watercolour Afro-Ladies

Are you doing the 100 Day project this year? It started on January 31st, but you can totally still start this if you like.

I am making daily watercolour afro-ladies. One week in I am feeling pretty good about it! It’s a bit of a challenge, which is great. I am learning about both watercolour and painting faces, both of which have been goals of mine for a while.

Here are my ladies so far.

My process is to choose something in my house to inspire a colour scheme. Then I do a palette of the colours, then I paint the lady. I am trying different watercolour techniques, and learning more about portraits as I go.

It’s all happening on my artsy Instagram, so follow me there if you want to see my progress!

Are you doing the project? Link me to yours!

12 thoughts on “100 Watercolour Afro-Ladies”

    • Oh, thanks so much! I grew up thinking I had no artistic ability but I was wrong! It’s a skill that can be learned 🙂

  • What a good idea. Love your ladies. I’m doing the project, too. I’m sewing a log cabin quilt square a day. Hopefully I’ll have 100 squares, enough to make a queen sized quilt.

  • wow, I am already two days behind on the Ultimate Blog Challenge and now you have me wanting to join the 100-day challenge. I like acrylic paints, but I have watercolor paints, colored pencils, and pastels just waiting for me to explore… I just got a nice large room for all my crafting things so it is time to put it to good use. I love what you are doing. As a chef, I think I could focus on food. It will be abstract but looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your ideas. By the way, I do not think of my brain so much as a scatterbrain more as a multidimensional brain

    • Multidimensional brain is a great description. Sometimes I will say I am multipassionate. You should definitely go for the project!

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