How It Started – How It’s Going

How It Started – How It’s Going

I stick to a very simple bullet journal routine, basically I still use the original system as outlined by Ryder Carroll. Last year during the height of the pandemic, and being locked down, I switched to a weekly layout (that is, when I started back using my bujo), but since the start of 2021 I have gone back to dailies, because I have also jumped back into blogging more regularly and working on my business.

Here’s how it starts:

And here’s how it went

Every morning I write in the day and date in the left border, then add my to0do list to the right. I add the weather that day when I remember.

Basically all I need is my notebook, black pen, brush pen, ruler, and a pastel highlighter. It rarely gets more complicated than that.

How does your week go?

6 thoughts on “How It Started – How It’s Going”

  • Love the simplicity of your planner, I found bullet journaling overwhelming and easy to get distracted with the decoration, artfulness of it. As an art journaler I found it didn’t work for me but I am definitely a planner with a crafterbrain. Delighted I found your blog on the Ultimate Blog Challenge today.

    • Welcome! Originally Bullet Journaling didn’t have any of the decorative, artistic aspect. All of that is fine, but it was also too overwhelming for me, so I stick to the basics.

  • I have started doing bullet journaling, but just in the weekly part of my day planner. At the end of the day, it helps to write down those things that I did get accomplished so that later, I can’t beat myself up about not doing enough!

    • Yep, I will also add the things that I’ve done. It gives a real perspective on what you have actually done!

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