A glimpse at my life right now. I sat down to take a break, and realised that this vignette in front of me captured my life right now: daily blogging, daily painting, and a craft project. Also my Kindle is underneath that notebook, so my other love, reading, is also captured!

What does a snapshot of your life look like right now?

12 thoughts on “Snapshot”

  • HI there Francine, my snapshot is a lot the same actually, lol I am daily blogging, listening to music, and also reading with my tablet on my breaks and at lunch. 🙂 On a side note, I read two posts today about arts and crafts. I think I am supposed to get back to some scrap-booking soon, lol Thanks for sharing your snapshot.

  • Well, given that my office has three desks- one for my CFO gig, one for my CRO, and one for my other clients gig- there are mountains of work everywhere. My regular desk has about 15 clients data arranged in an order that only I comprehend. The CRO desk is now clean (the clinical trial is over), while the CFO desk is replete with financial data.
    In other words, potpouri!

  • That looks like a snapshot of a great day. Mine is a lot similar to yours. Off to read my book for my book club! Have a wonderful day!

  • Francine, hello! What a wonderful array on your desk! You have a beautiful smile, and I hope you’ll do another self-portrait showing you smiling. My life snapshot would be my husband (I take care of him full-time) holding my laptop, open and ready for action, in my therapy room, where clients come for healing work. There you go! I love your colors.

  • I love this photo. I took a picture the other day proudly showing a pared-down TBR list of five books to make my reading life a little easier. I also put a cup of coffee and fresh flowers in the shot. All of my favorite things. Nice job!

  • Love your snapshot! Mine for today would find me sitting on the sofa with my feet up and a blanket around me, taking it easy. I got my second Covid vaccine shot yesterday and today my arm hurts and I feel achy all over. I’ll bear with it since that tells me the vaccine is working. I’d rather deal with a little discomfort today and maybe tomorrow than risk getting an infection with the virus.

    • Hope you feel better soon. I’ve heard the second shot is tougher than the first. But yes, better that than actually getting the virus. Take care of yourself 🙂

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