Hearts and Books

Hearts and Books

I’m taking a slight detour from my current project list to make some quick crochet hearts for my guys for Valentine’s Day.

We don’t actually celebrate Valentine’s Day, we do Book Giving Day instead, but I saw these hearts by Jen Tyler and thought they would make nice toppers for my gifts. If I have enough time I will also try to make them into bookmarks.

Of course I added this project to my February list so I can keep track of everything done this month.

Are you making handmade gifts for Valentine’s Day?

4 thoughts on “Hearts and Books”

  • The Hearts are very pretty and I also give books and a card for Valentines Day to my son. As for something Handmade my son and I was going to do Crafts but with us painting the house everything is put away and we can’t get to it. But I might run to the Dollar Store and pick up Crafts and Candy.

  • With all the writing I’ve been doing, I haven’t taken time to make anything for my guys (hubby and sons 18 & 23) for Valentine’s Day. I did not know that this was also International Book Giving Day, so that may be the answer. 🙂

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