40 Ideas for Giving Handmade This Year

40 Ideas for Giving Handmade This Year

Crafters and artists absolutely LOVE to give handmade gifts. And sure, we make sure to do this on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and other special occasions, but if you want to give even more handmade goodness to friends and family, consider all the other “holidays” out there that exist!

There’s a day to celebrate pretty much everything these day! I have chosen 40 of my favourites to give you ideas of things you can celebrate and commemorate with a handmade gift.


17th Random Acts of Kindness Day

23rd Banana Bread Day

28th Floral Design Day


8th International Women’s Day

14th Mothering Sunday (UK)

17th St. Patrick’s Day

31st Pencil Day


4th Handmade Day and Easter Sunday

14th Day of Pink

21 World Creativity and Innovation Day


9th Mother’s Day

20th Notebook Day

26th Paper Airplane Day

30th Mother’s Day (France)


11th Yarn Bombing Day

14th Cupcake Day

21st World Music Day


7th Chocolate Day

25th Thread the Needle Day

30th World Embroidery Day


1st Planner Day

8th Bullet Journal Day

11th World Calligraphy Day

19th Photography Day


1st Letter Writing Day

15th Make a Hat Day

16th PlayDoh Day

25th Cooking Day


2nd Card Making Day

5th World Teachers’ Day

14th Dessert Day

25th Int’l Artists Day


11th Origami Day

17th Homemade Bread Day

26th Buy Nothing Day


3rd Make a Gift Day

9th Christmas Card Day

15th International Tea Day

23rd Festivus

27th Cut Out Snowflake Day

Of course I’m not suggesting that you celebrate ALL of these. Just pick a few that might be fun for your family, keeping in mind that you will probably still want to make gifts for all the big days. So keep it simple! For Book Giving Day yesterday I gifted crocheted heart bookmarks along with the books.

For example you can make a homemade bouquet for Floral Design Day, put together a gift box of teas for International Tea Day, make a mix tape (!) for World Music Day, or homemade playdoh for World Playdoh Day.

Which of these do you think you’d want to make gifts for? Remember to note the dates and ideas in your bullet journal, and make a plan!

P.S. If you want a complete list of even more fun ways to celebrate this year, sign up for my friend’s Jen’s newsletter.

10 thoughts on “40 Ideas for Giving Handmade This Year”

  • I spied the banana bread day coming up next week! I recently found the perfect duo for banana bread–a gluten-free flour that I just swap out for regular flour in any recipe and a cinnamon crunch top recipe. Oh my, I think I’m going to have to make a handmade gift of banana bread . . . . and the recipient will be me!!

    Thank you for your post Francine!

  • My 2 year old great granddaughter loves to make banana bread, I know what we will be baking next week! Thanks for the list. I love making handmade gifts, I call them gifts from the heart.

  • Great list Francine. I see that the 23rd is Banana Bread day and I love to make break. I didn’t do much baking at all over the holidays (wasn’t feeling it during the nightmare year we had), but feel like this may be a good reason to start. If I do, will make two and give it to one of my church lady friends. I know she would enjoy it. Thanks for sharing this list. I don’t know how to knit, but the hat day would be fun too, lol.

  • Thank you Francine for the gift ideas. Now I just have to get back into the groove of making things 🙂
    Notebook day is every day in my house!
    Random Acts of Kindness is the engine room of my life.

    Cheers F

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