Five Years Ago

Five Years Ago

I wasn’t bullet journaling yet, but I was already on the journey of finding the best way to manage my time and organise my life. I’d been using a Filofax for maybe a year or so, and trying out different planning systems.

I started with digital systems like Todoist, but soon realised that I needed to use paper and pen. The act of writing things down just worked better for me, plus I didn’t like spending all that time on the computer or my phone.

I had been consistently choosing a word of the year by then, I think the first year I did that was 2013, and eagerly looked forward to completing the Unravel Your Year booklet from Susannah Conway – it was the thing that got me set up for a consistent year.

It was also another significant step in my artistic journey! I had just completed the daily drawing challenge at CreativeBug (their first), and was itching to learn more.

Looking back through my photos from that time showed me just how much was burgeoning back then, and I can see how what I was experiencing then led me to where I am today.

What were you doing five years ago?

2 thoughts on “Five Years Ago”

  • WOW Francine!! I sat here and thought about your question. Blank then – not much different!
    Same type of job, but different sections for me.
    Then – Art my elder daughter was still living at home then but getting ready for her marriage.
    Chloe my younger daughter was finishing high school.
    I had a different set of furlads weaving around my feet then.
    My darling Mum had not long passed.
    There are parts that are endearingly the same and parts that are hugely different.
    The point of view I am looking from is VERY different.
    Thank you for the question.
    Cheers F

    • It’s always interesting to look back and reflect. At that time we had just about decided to start looking to buy our home. It’s crazy how different life is now.

      I love the term “furlads”! I’ll have to call mine “furgals” lol

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