Designing a Sustainable Wardrobe

Designing a Sustainable Wardrobe

For years now I’ve wanted to consistently make my own clothing. I have saved a bunch of sewing tutorials and other ideas on Pinterest. I also had a 2020 goal to do an upcycled wardrobe project. That never happened because I was quite creatively paralysed during the pandemic last year (thank goodness that’s over now!)

I had more #memade garments as a goal this year, and after being gifted with a membership to Seamwork, it’s really going to happen! My sister and I have decided to work “together” on making one piece of clothing a month, and Seamwork is currently running their twice annual workshop Design Your Wardrobe.

It’s totally up my alley because I am all about being goal oriented with these kind of projects. Sure I love making things spontaneously (like these crochet bookmarks) but for a large annual project, it helps me to be really focused and organised.

I am working on the first week’s assignments, which is all about goal setting, and inspiration. I’m having a blast!

Do you have any yearlong creative projects planned for 2021?

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