Yes, Creativity Still Requires Planning and Process

Yes, Creativity Still Requires Planning and Process

One of the things that I am learning while doing my #100DayProject is that I really need to plan out my paintings. I’m no expert. Not in portraits or in watercolour. I started off by trying to wing things, thinking I had enough knowledge, but found out how wrong I was!

Now not only do I make a sketch, I also have to plan out how I will paint each section. Watercolour isn’t very forgiving, so I need to have an idea of which portions I will paint first, how I will layer the colours, when I need to wait for things to dry before proceeding…… Almost three weeks in I can definitely see progress, but if I get ahead of myself and decide to wing it then disaster strikes.

I’m sharing this to illustrate that even in creative pursuits having a plan as well as a process is absolutely necessary. Even the great artists make sketches.

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