A Mindful Practice for Creatives

A Mindful Practice for Creatives

A few months ago I discovered Amy Maricle of Mindful Art Studio, and I am so thankful!

She does live Slow Drawing parties on Facebook every Wednesday, and they are lovely. Each week there’s a theme, but the process is very open ended. Her goal is to have people slow way down and pay attention to the process while remaining open to what can happen. I find this so refreshing.

I enjoy goal oriented art classes, but spending an hour engrossed in possibilities is wonderful. I love that it happens on Wednesday too, because it’s like a mid-week check in to myself. I’m usually losing energy by this point in the week, and the class helps me to fill my cup. In my case the class is in the evening for my time zone, but I imagine it would be a nice mid-week pause wherever you happen to be based.

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You can still catch this week’s class until 8pm EST today Friday February 26th. I’ve done two of her classes live, and this recent one I did the same day, but about an hour after it ran. Previous classes can be purchased on her website.

If you’re looking for a mindful practice that is focused on creativity, I highly recommend it!

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