Tuesday Tip | Portable Tool Kit

Tuesday Tip | Portable Tool Kit

If you take your yarn projects out with you, and even if you don’t, a portable kit with the tools you need handy is a great idea! I am certainly not out and about these days, but I do knit or crochet in different spots in my house, so I like having my tools easily portable. Here’s what I keep in mine:

  1. Stitch markers of many persuasions. Depending on what you need then for different stitch markers work better for different things.
  2. A tape measure – mine has both metric and imperial measures
  3. Small scissors
  4. Yarn needles
  5. A small crochet needle for fixing mistakes
  6. A pen for making notes in my craft bujo
  7. A loosening/tightening tool for exchangeable circular needles
  8. Knitting needle caps
  9. A cable and cable ends for circular needles.

What tools do you like to have handy when crafting?

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