Tuesday Tip | Find Time to Create

Tuesday Tip | Find Time to Create

How do you find the time in your busy life to fit in the crafts you love?  It’s something I have struggled with for some time now,  especially as I am pouring most of my energy into business building and family life. But crafting is also very important to me, I can’t  imagine not wanting to scrapbook, or knit, or paint, and those days that I do find the time to work on  a project or two, it really makes me feel creatively fulfilled. So  I’ve mapped out a plan for making more time for it in my life.

Making Time for Crafting and Art | 3 Ways 

1. Purge and Organise

I don’t know about you but I can’t create if I can’t find the things I  want to use. Or if I am searching through so many supplies, that I  can’t decide what medium, yarn or paper to choose. I went through a  definite period of being a craft hoarder,  but I learned that that didn’t served me, and just caused me to be  overwhelmed. So some time ago, I did a major purge of my supplies. I  only kept the things I truly loved, and I reorganised my office so that  everything fit basically along one wall. Head over to this post to learn some things you might want to consider purging, and get a free checklist!

2. Batch Process

Sometimes when you do have some free time, you don’t get much done because your supplies aren’t ready. I suggest taking some smaller bits of time and batch processing activities that will help you to be able to jump in and create later. For example: Knitters and crocheters can wind balls of yarn, and store them with the needles, hooks, and other notions needed along with their pattern, so stuff is ready to go. Scrapbookers can edit a bunch of photos of once, and print them out ready to use. You can also make homemade “kits” for specific projects, and pull together the supplies you want to use for a page or mini album. Artists can compile inspiration folders, and supplies for a particular piece in one spot close to your painting/drawing area. 

3. Write it Down

Keep a notebook beside you as much as possible so that you can jot down ideas or to-dos when they come to you. You can use a notebook just for this purpose, or use your regular planner or bullet journal. That way when you do have some time you can either sit and plan future projects, or have your memory jogged about what you want to work on next.
Overwhelm with supplies and ideas can paralyse us when we want to create, but if we take a systematic approach, we can get there. We can find the time to make the things we love. Sometimes, we can binge, but sometimes it’s like eating an elephant!

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