Thursday To-Do | Vintage Wall Hanging

Thursday To-Do | Vintage Wall Hanging

This project has been in my head for ages! Here is the original inspiration I used.

I bought this vintage map almost two years ago, and I have been promising Kieran to install it for ages (he is really into maps lately).  The tutorial we pinned involved using dowels as well as power tools. I’m not about the power tools, and I also make it a point to use what I already have for my crafting, so I was resistant to buying dowels. At first I considered using a wooden broomstick that has been languishing in the garage for years, but further searching found some wooden slats that my husband had salvaged from a neighbour, also about two years ago. (We are major pack rats, I am trying to do a full #KonMarie purge though).

The wooden slats had a flat side and a rounded side, which I thought would be just perfect. My other supplies were:

  • wood saw
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • twine
  • staple gun
  • pencil
  • sanding block
  • nail & hammer

First, I measured the map to work out how long to cut the slats

It’s 96 cm wide, and I decided to add 2 cm to each side, so I cut my pieces 1 metre long. I measured that off, plus marked 2cm in from each side

Then it was time to saw! This took longer than I expected as the teeth of the saw didn’t grip the wood that well, so instead of sawing merrily back and forth I had to run the saw in one direction only.

Next I lined the map up so the edge was flush with the edge of the slat, using my pencil marks to guide placement. My heavy duty stapler made quick work of stapling the map on.

I repeated on the bottom of the map. Then I tied on the string for hanging, securing it with two staples

I used a nail to hang it above Kieran’s desk


The entire project took me about 30 – 45 minutes, including finding the slats in the garage (which is a feat in itself!



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