Tuesday Tip | Start a Commonplace Book

Tuesday Tip | Start a Commonplace Book

Do you find that you consume a lot of information, but forget most of it? In today’s world we’re bombarded with so much information on the news, on social media, and from our entertainment from books, music, movies and TV series. I find that my mind is constantly being sparked by interesting tidbits, and I need a way to coral it all.

I tried to jot things down in my bullet journal, but that didn’t work for me somehow, so I started a commonplace book. I try to have it close by so I can make notes of interesting things like quotations, song lyrics, and other things I find interesting. It’s also where I write down random ideas that come to me.

For now I am just adding to it, eventually I will browse through and see what connections I can find. It’s become one of my favourite habits!

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