Thursday To-Do | Photo String Frame

Thursday To-Do | Photo String Frame

The inspiration piece this week is this photo string frame by Talia Christine.



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And here is my version:


Here’s how you can make one too.


  • Thrifted wooden frame
  • String
  • photos
  • mini clothespins
  • hammer and small nails OR staple gun
  • self-healing cutting mat

I was happy to attack this project, because I’ve been wanting to get my beach photos from our summer vacation off my phone.

The first thing I did was to measure my frame and work out how many photos to use. I decided to go with 15 photos, in 5 rows of 3. I printed my photos at home, but you could also do this with Instax photos or Polaroids. Ideally I would have had this printer to use. Maybe one day!

I measured and marked along the back of the frame where my string should be


To attach the string, I started out with a hammer and small nails, but the frame is made from very hard wood, so I ended up using my staple gun. I used two staples to attach each end of the string

I still had to use my hammer to bang the staples in all the way to make sure the string was firmly attached.

I pulled the strings taut when attaching since I knew they would sag once the photos were clipped on.

The last step is to clip on the photos! I laid my frame out, and arranged the photos in a pleasing way

Then clipped them on and hung the frame!


And now we can enjoy our warm Caribbean summer memories!


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