Thursday To-Do | Felt Coasters

Thursday To-Do | Felt Coasters

Grab your felt scraps to tackle this felt coaster project from The Gold Jelly Bean. I went with shades of grey and white and made a mug coaster for when I am having coffee at my desk.  I followed the instructions exactly, and it came together nicely.

You need:

Scraps of Felt
Fabric Scissors or Rotary Cutter
Clear dry tacky glue


I used my self-healing mat and rotary cutter to cut strips about 1 cm ( a bit under half inch) wide. I ended up with 8 strips that were about 12″ long (30 cm) and 7 strips that were about 8″ long (20 cm). Then I started rolling and gluing


I quickly learned that it was important to have enough glue on the ends so that they would lay flat. I alternated the colours as I added more strips.


Almost there now…..

Ta da! I was worried that the coaster wouldn’t be stable enough for my mug, but it works perfectly


I found some more felt scraps in three shades of yellow so that’s my next project!

If you want to know how I made the design on my mug without using Sharpies, paint pens or having to bake take a look here.



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