Tuesday Tip | Pivot

Tuesday Tip | Pivot

The best laid plans and all that.

Sometimes you just have to assess the changing situation and adjust to suit.

I am in my secondary workspace today, making it happen! This is usually my workspace in the afternoon during summer time, because my attic office gets very hot thanks to the beautiful skylights we have. I love the skylights during winter, because my office and studio are always well lit with natural light, but during summer all that light means heat too, and things get pretty hot up there after lunch time.

To add another twist to the tale, the attic is now under renovations: the walls are being finished, so it’s impossible to work there right now. But I am holding on to the knowledge that in a couple months I’ll have an even lovelier space to work and craft.

So this is me going with the flow, and making the best of it.

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