Tuesday Tip | How to Use a Notebook

Tuesday Tip | How to Use a Notebook

I’m kidding of course. You already know how to use a notebook right? I’m sure it’s your go to for making lists, and keeping a personal journal. Here are some other things you can use them for:

Lettering Practice Book

If you’re practicing any kind of lettering, using a lined notebook or one with a dot grid or graph, can help you with keeping your letters uniform in height and width.

Vision Journal

Instead of a vision board, keep a portable version in a notebook! You can make vision spreads for your life, and all your different projects.

Bullet Journal

Probably my favourite way to use a notebook! This system helps you keep on top of your daily to-dos, projects, and more. Learn about bullet journaling here.

Commonplace Book

This is the notebook for keeping everything you want to remember: quotes, music lyrics, interesting words, things to look up. I absolutely love mine!

Garden Journal

My garden journal comes in very handy for keeping track of what is planted were, as well as growing and care notes for my garden. I love including a sketch of my garden beds as a visual aid.

Meal Planner

We’ve been consistently meal planning for our family since our son was a toddler. It keeps us sane, and has definitely helped to reduce stress over dinner plans. Our son helps too.

Party or Event Planner

Thanksgiving, Christmas, a birthday bash or other event need some serious planning sometimes! Use a notebook to write down everything you need to remember, and plan how it will all get done.

Art Journaling

You don’t need a special notebook or sketchbook to art journal. A simple notebook can be the perfect foundation for your art explorations.


Similarly, you can use a regular old notebook for sketching and drawing! There’s no need to be precious about it.

Morning Pages

If you follow this practice from The Artist’s Way, then you already know that a simple notebook is great for these! Or just for your daily long form journaling.

Reading Journal

Read a lot and want to keep track of what you read, as well as your thoughts? Set up a reading journal in a notebook! (Or you could just buy the one I made.)

Craft Notebook

Crafty peeps have lots of things to remember. Log your projects and your stash in a notebook for handy reference.

Memory Keeping

A small notebook can be the perfect thing to use for keeping day to day memories, or vacation memories.

What are some other ways that you use your notebooks?

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