Let’s Talk About Self-Care

Let’s Talk About Self-Care

One thing for sure, as makers we seek to live a healthy, sustainable life, and one vital habit is self-care. Some will say that crafting is a form of self-care, however sometimes we can get very caught up with working on projects, and true self-care will not happen unless you intentionally make space for it.

I’ve found that if I build small self-care moments into my day or week, that I then am able to keep on creating without frustration. I’ve also found that self-care doesn’t have to be overly involved, or expensive, it can be very simple. Some of my favourite ways to look after myself are:

  • Clearing off my work space or craft corner
  • Going for short walk
  • Lighting a candle
  • Tidying up fabric or paper scraps
  • Listening to favourite music / having a dance party
  • Preparing materials for my next project.

December is a time when I find that I need to be even more systematic about self-care, because it’s a busy month that goes by in a whirlwind. And so this year, I have come up with a list of 24 self-care momets, one for each day, as a sort of Hygge Self-Care Craftvent.

If you’d like to join me and the Crafterbrains, sign up below! You’ll get a daily e-mail for the 24 days of Advent, inviting you to take a moment for yourself in the midst of the busy season. We’ll also be playing on Instagram, and feel free to share on any social media you like (or not, it can be entirely personal).

Can you share a self care practice you love?

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