Morning Routine

Morning Routine

I’ve recently updated my morning routine to include taking a supplement, drinking a glass of water, and eight minutes of exercise, but what remains a constant is that first cup of coffee. Then a second cup while I set my day up in my bullet journal.

I am still working on adding long form journaling to the early part of my morning. This remains a struggle for some reason. I was on a good clip doing morning pages a la The Artist’s Way, but fell off that wagon. Hard. I really need to try to get back to it. I think my problem is when I start writing, I fell like jumping out of bed and immediately addressing whatever it is I’m writing about. Maybe I should move the journaling to later in my routine.

What about you? What’s your routine? Any tips for me?

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  • WE have similar routines! I have lemon in my water and it is warm. Coffee, coffee, coffee. I started morning pages earlier this year and just started my third notebook (I’m using composition notebooks for now). Some days it is easy to get the 3 pages in and some days not so much. I also pull a tarot card and write about that in the notebook. I am already up and drinking coffee when I write the pages though.

  • Your title intrigued me because I do have a morning routine: Morning Pages (I’m on notebook #168) and Bible reading. Then my husband and I play a couple of Cribbage games during breakfast. Then I finish my Quiet Time with recovery reading. I’m retired, so I can do this.

    Routines are key to a solid spiritual life for me. Thanks for your sharing!

  • I love my morning routine which also includes several cups of coffee. I have a variety of creative tasks I like to include and some days I have more time than others. I do like writing long form but some days I feel more like painting or some combination of the two. I find my morning pages practices ebbs and flows and I am happiest when I allow the flow and don’t force myself into the same structure every day. I end my routine with exercise, dancing or walking.

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