A Low Stress Way to Remember December

A Low Stress Way to Remember December

In the scrapbooking and memory keeping community, documenting the Holidays is a Very.Big.Deal. There are numerous ways it’s approached, whether by making a mini-album, doing stand alone pages, or adding to an already existing Christmas book.

One of the most popular ways is to make a daily record of the month of December. This is something that I have tried and failed to do numerous times. I start the month with good intentions, but I always fizzle out. There are many people who manage to do this without fail every year, and I think that’s so fantastic. I love seeing their daily pages on social media, and drool over their creativity, and how they capture memories. But I know I’m not up to it.

So now I take a different approach, I simply take the time to make a note of the moments that stand out for me each day. Sometimes, I only manage a photo, and that’s okay. Some days it’s something I post on social media. Thankfully with our amazing technology, it’s easy to access these photos later on to make a physical page or album.

This year, I am taking it to a more organised level with my Daily December Journal.

Inside are 31 pages of prompts to help remember what you saw, what you heard, and what you did. With space for a quick photo/sketch, or even just a list of the photos you took that day. or whatever you need to jot down that will help you later on, when you want to do a full blown memory project. It’s undated, which means no guilt around skipping a day if you need to. Just use as many or as little days as you need. You also get additional blank pages for anything you want to add.

You can customise the front of the journal with the year, your family name etc. Since the journal is all in monochrome, you can decorate it as you like with stamps, stickers etc. and it can become your actual Christmas album. No need to make a separate one of you don’t want to.

I’m already looking forward to using mine, and plan to make it part of my daily ritual, when I drink my Advent Calendar tea with my son in the evenings. I plan to ask him to contribute to did/saw/heard to get his perspective on the Holidays too.

Does this sound like something that can take some of the stress off you in December? Grab your copy here.

3 thoughts on “A Low Stress Way to Remember December”

  • I have seen lots of December daily type things but I never have used them. Maybe if I had done them when the kids were small, but December, with the exception of the actual holiday, is not that much different than any other month. I like the simplicity of this one.

  • December is busy as it is, I wouldn’t know how / when to create crafty pages each and every day, even thoughI’d love to have book to preserve memories. Kudos to all the productive people! Good luck with your journal!

  • What a great idea! I did the December Daily mini scrapbooks all the time, now I do one scrapbook page with the biggest highlights of the month.

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